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Portfolio – Complex hardware infrastructure deployment

Underground Railway Infrastructure Solutions, Metrorex

UTI’s collaboration with Metrorex (The Underground Public Transportation Network) dates back to 1999 and continues to this day. The solutions UTI provides have adapted constantly to the requirements and demands of the public transportation company, our common aim being to provide safety and comfort to all passengers.


Dynamic Passengers Information System provides real-time video & audio information regarding the position of the metro trains

  • Time to train arrival into the station
  • Departure time (hour & minute) of the next 2 trains

Based on the train position and speed, the time to arrival & departure is automatically calculated and displayed in the stations. The position of each train can be updated every second.

Information kiosks provide information and services to the passengers via touch screen displays and interactive software interfaces. They ease navigation and make it easier for users without experience in computing, to access information and services related to subway history, train schedule, subway map, connection with other metro lines, fare plan, city information, news, instructions for use.


  • Development of system architecture and terminal design
  • Content management
  • Development of applications and hardware structure
  • Video surveillance to ensure security
  • Maintenance and monitoring
  • Help desk for users

The Radio Communications System

The Radio Communications System is installed over the entire Bucharest metro network and on all metro trains. The radio solution implemented by UTIis a highly complex solution allowing voice radio traffic among any subscribers, using portable or fixed radio stations. UTI’s solution combines the capabilities of VHF radio equipment, radiant cabling in tunnels and two fiber optical networks to provide a high availability solution for voice radio communication to all subscribers.

The Data Communications System

The Data Communications System is installed over the entire metro network and within Metrorex headquarters. The system uses fiber optic cables installed in the metro tunnel, connecting all stations and provides communications services for all the systems in the metro. For the critical systems (radio, CCTV, fire detection) the data communications solution includes a dedicated communications equipment on each technology (SDH & GIGABIT ETHERNET) in order to provide uninterrupted services with no single point of failure.

Synchronized clock system

The system provides the exact time (hour, minutes, seconds) for entire metro network:

  • Pilot clock in the Dispatch Center
  • Local digital clocks in metro stations
  • Metrorex headquarters

Video analytics

State-of-the-art video analytics software designed and developed by UTI are used to provide accurate and real time identification of any events and behaviors, alerting the responsible personnel for prompt intervention.

KintelliVision, our proprietary application, takes motion detection to a new level, using centralized processing power to detect and classify moving or stationary objects based on their size and shape, and to categorize them based on predefined rules.


  • Fast and intuitive visualization of events: descriptive data and video playback
  • Hiperlink for easy access to video events
  • Advanced search mode and playback functions
  • Full remote control of the application
  • Interactive e-map

All systems, both developed by UTI and external providers, are integrated within a Central Management Center, also designed and deployed by UTI:

  • Traffic Safety – for train position
  • Synchronized clock system – for synchronized time
  • CCTV
  • Fiber Optical data communications
  • Management Information System (MIS) – to receive inputs regarding general info presented to passengers