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TEMPEST equipment

NoWave TEMPEST solutions and technologies reduce the electromagnetic radiations and ensure the protection of the information processed by the IT&C equipment against unauthorized interception or external disturbance.

  • Shielding against electromagnetic radiations
  • TEMPEST protection for the IT&C equipment and peripherals (workstation, monitor, printer, scanner, notebook, HDD, memory stick)
  • Consultancy and design for special buildings and rooms shielding
  • Maintenance, upgrade, product certification
  • Compliant with NATO, EU and USA TEMPEST standards: SDIP-27 and NSTISSAM 1-92

UTI has over 10-year experience in developing TEMPEST solutions that are manufactured and tested by qualified and certified personnel. We provide the highest standards of quality and safety and our products are included in the ORNISS INFOSEC catalogue.