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Who we are

Business Ethics

Our reputation is critical to our business relationships and is a vital asset we are committed to protecting, preserving and enhancing.

Our core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. Each of us live the core values that serve as a foundation in how we act, make decisions and conduct business.


We are a trustworthy and steady partner, we spare no effort to provide our clients with top quality solutions and we never abandon them. We build trust with our clients and within the company.


Our highly skilled team is committed to achieve exceptional performance and to deliver innovative products and services with outstanding quality.


We balance economic success with ethical responsibility. We are sensitive to the communities’ needs and to the environment we work and live in.


We practice open communication with our clients, suppliers, partners and colleagues. We treat all our stakeholders as we want us to be treated – fairly, respectfully and professionally – and we are committed to comply with the highest anti-corruption standards.


Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics asserts the general principles according to which our company manages its business. These principles apply both to the decisions taken at the corporate level, as well as to the individual behaviour of our employees and partners.

Our good reputation is a valuable resource and its protection is vital for us. Thus, according to the implemented Code of Ethics, we follow the rules in force and the values that helped us gain and maintain a leader position on each market that we are active on: integrity, fairness and the highest ethical standards.

The main principles applicable to the national and international business environment formed the basis for the principles of UTI Code of Ethics and Business

LEGALITY – UTI business conduct must be compliant with the laws in force in the countries where UTI is active.

EQUALITY, IMPARTIALITY AND FAIRNESS – all the persons are treated equally, without ethnical, nationalistic, religious, racist, political, sexual or age prejudices.

INTEGRITY – we treat all our stakeholders as we want to be treated: fairly, respectfully and professionally.

THE RIGHT TO A FREE OPINION – each UTI employee has the right to express his/her point of view.

PROFICIENCY – each UTI employee is bound to put to good and responsible practice his/her theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

CONFIDENTIALITY – each UTI employee is bound to grant the security of the data and information on UTI partners and businesses.

RESPECT – the consideration we give to all our colleagues, partners, clients to their rights and liberties, to the laws, social values, ethical and deontological regulations.

EMPOWERMENT – the trust UTI gives to each employee to assume new responsibilities and to make important decisions.

LOYALTY – UTI employees’ attachment to UTI values and goals, the commitment to truth and justice, responsibility for their tasks and the observance of every commitment.

Download the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of TIU Investments and Management.

Download the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of UTI Grup.