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Portfolio – Building Installations

Modernization of street lighting infrastructure in Alexandria

The project consisted of the modernization and extension of the city street lighting infrastructure to increase the citizens’ safety and comfort and implementation of an intelligent management solution to control the street lighting in order to reduce costs, save energy and protect the environment.

The modernization works were completed within 9 months and included the extension of the public lighting system over the entire area of the town, replacement of the entire lighting infrastructure with modern and energy efficient lighting technology.

Works provided

  • Automated telemanagement system to control and monitor the public lighting infrastructure
  • Integrated traffic management and street video surveillance system
  • Infrastructure and modernization works of the existing lighting system
  • Construction of a dispatch center for the telemanagement system


The implemented systems brought a number of benefits, both for the authorities and the members of the community, such as:

  • Lowered maintenance costs and energy saving costs by automating and monitoring the entire street lighting system of the city
  • Increased safety for the citizens of Alexandria throughout an efficient street video surveillance system installed at major junctions and public spaces of the city
  • Detection and prevention of any criminal attempt