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Portfolio – Building Installations

Research and education greenhouse, The Faculty of Agriculture – Bucharest

In 2013, The Faculty of Agriculture started the construction of the Research Centre for the Study of Agricultural Products Quality within the educational facility premises. The project goal was to create a modern research greenhouse infrastructure to conduct research studies to improve the quality of the plants we consume. The investment was financed with European Funds and was completed in about 4 months.

The works provided

The UTI team involved in the project has realized the entire construction and installation work for the following systems:

  • Irrigation and drainage system for all 19 research units
  • The mist generating system with a 100 bar compressor to create the necessary humidity in each room
  • Shading system and energy recovery to preserve the heat in cold weather and to protect the plants against solar radiation
  • Ventilation system
  • Heating system
  • Electrical lighting for plant growing

All systems are automated and can be operated and controlled remotely via a computer connected to the PLCs installed in the field that transmits data regarding the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, and other meteorological factors. The automated solution enables computerized recording, processing, analysis and reporting of all gathered data.