Business Lines

Urban Security & Surveillance

As cities and towns expand, security in common or private areas becomes more and more important. For instance, a constant stream of consumers and visitors are vital to the success of restaurants, cultural spaces, and local businesses, and urban monitoring and video surveillance are great tools to keep consumers safe and towns thriving.

A city must be treated like a living organism, with needs and limitations. In order to keep a city alive even if the resources are limited, we need a global approach to the aspects related to its security and safety. Only by integrating the systems in different areas can the basic functions of a city (mobility and security) be assured.

UTI proposes a new concept regarding citizen’s security and safety, irrespective of the environment (home, street, public transportation, vehicles, markets, events, etc).

  • Traffic monitoring and control systems
  • Surveillance systems in crowded areas
  • Surveillance systems in public transportation vehicles
  • Mobile monitoring systems


  • Major incident support
  • Public safety & security
  • Discouraging and fighting street criminality
  • Evacuation and crowd control
  • Traffic surveillance (speed limit violation/drivers’ behavior)
  • Traffic and weather conditions monitoring
  • Special traffic events evaluation