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Electronic Article Surveillance

Antitheft antennas (EAS) are used more within commercial and industrial areas, to protect high-value goods. This type of system assures a permanent protection of the merchandise and detects all theft attempts.

Additionally, UTI can provide a metal detection system, similar to the EAS one that transmits an alarm every time a person that passes through a protected area carries a metal object.

The system can be customized to detect different size objects and it can be installed within different areas of the client buildings, the commercial area or in the other spaces that use small parts.

For a complete security, the antitheft systems can be integrated into a control and command center: intrusion detection, burglar alarming, video surveillance, plate number identification, fire detection.

  • Complete solution to deter theft
  • Quick and efficient detection of stolen items
  • Secure merchandising environment
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Valuable data about the clients/visitors
  • Support for marketing messaging and campaigns