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R&D Excellence Center

UTI’s R&D Excellence Center has the necessary resources and experience to meet any request in research, design, execution and testing of security, intelligent transportation systems, IT&C and defense products and systems.

Our dynamic approach of research and development is the key factor in attaining and maintaining a top position on the targeted markets.


To discover and make use of synergies by sharing knowledge and to boost UTI’s further development, by building the technological foundation of our future values.


  • To build the common ground for UTI’s technological growth.
  • To be the vehicle for the R&D cooperation across all UTI companies.
  • To foster creativity and innovation by establishing a framework for:
    • Communication, sharing experience and best practices
    • Streamlining efforts and capitalizing on complementarities
    • Encouraging new ideas and evaluating the outcome of cutting edge technologies
  • To drive “Made in UTI” towards recognition as a reputable brand.

Short term objectives

  • Assimilate a “bidding” methodology and build expertise in order to join competitive R&D programs, as an alternative source of financing our research projects
    • National research funds
    • European research funds (FP6, FP7)
    • NATO research funds
  • Strengthen the relationship with the academic structures
    • Establish joint R&D laboratories in universities and unfolding most of the prototyping and technology evaluations there, while focusing internal resources on marketable products
  • Organize internal focus groups
    • Brainstorming on cross-competency R&D project ideas
    • Exploit the synergy of UTI technical capabilities

Medium and long term objectives

  • Make an inventory of technology trends and evaluate them at the Center level in order to implement the most valuable ones
  • Establish a regular report on technology trends for the top management and also include recommendations to decision makers within UTI
    • Try to anticipate future developments in the technology field
  • Involve clients in the process of shortening the market feed-back loop
    • Invite end-users to participate in product-oriented focus groups
  • Define the common ground for UTI R&D methodology
    • Unique glossary of terms
    • Processes and procedures

Fields of expertise

Our team of talented specialists has the expertise to design and produce prototypes, to develop production documentation and to manufacture small series of products and systems within the following fields:

  • Software applications and software engineering solutions
  • Complex IT&C solutions and systems
  • Security systems
  • Electronic modules for security, vehicle tracking systems, industrial automation, ticketing, etc.
  • Complex mechanical and electro-mechanical modules and solutions
  • Special systems and solutions for the tactical field, operating independently or integrated on mobile platforms
  • Unmanned vehicles for various fields of activity (ground, underwater, air)
  • Special interfaces for modern and legacy systems and interfacing systems
  • TEMPEST equipment, shielded enclosures, rooms and buildings