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Attend CyberSecurity Day and CyberThreats, the conference that gets you in touch with the most important voices in the cybersecurity field

CyberSecurity Day and Cyberthreats, a conference organized by UTI in partnership with The Romanian Banking Institute, is included within the conference series occasioned by the cybersecurity month organized under the auspices of the European Network and Information Security (ENISA).

The conference focuses on trends and technologies, technical cybersecurity solutions needed to promptly solve the ever frequent cybersecurity attacks.

The conference offers the participants the chance to interact with professionals in the field of cybersecurity and to discuss data security strategies and approaches. The event sessions are presented by Romanian and international experts, followed by interactive workshops and technology demos. The workshops will bring to the fore the cyberthreats prevention and solving solutions in various fields such as finance-banking, energy, and mobile devices.

UTI, national producer and supplier of information security solutions, is highly interested in the creation of a safe technological environment and in the development of the cybersecurity market.

Conference details and agenda:

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