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UTI’s Participation to Expomil 2000

UTI Security Systems presents its latest solutions for security systems at the exhibition Expomil 2000.

We will exhibit systems and solutions intended for site security, information solutions for traffic control points as well as solution for vehicle management and security.


Command and Control application for security systems – sMs – an integrated system for site security management whose performance totals the performance of the security systems it integrates. sMs is optimally used for the security management of medium and large-sized sites as it can integrate a wide range of equipment for access control, fire detection and alarm, closed circuit television, intrusion alarm, perimeter detection, providing a global and complete view of the monitored sites.

Perimeter protection system – CLASSIC 2000 – a passive, small-sized, light-weighted, grounded detection system with remote transmission. The system can be connected to a computer for alarm digital mapping.


Video surveillance system – ESPRIT – a video surveillance system providing the option to spot a moving target.

Information system for the recognition of the car licence plates – LPR – the latest technology in the field of automated recognition of licence plates. PRC PR CLC 231 is the latest generation in the document reading class. The equipment captures images of various ID papers, introduces the corresponding data into the computer, performs an analysis intended for document authentication and transfers the corresponding data as an information package to the data processing information system.


Road traffic management – VTS-02 – system intended for monitoring all vehicle types, which performs specific functions of fleet management as well as signal reception and command functions for each vehicle in case of events from the monitoring centre. The system functions based on position extraction obtained by decoding the signals received from the GPS satellite system and on data transmission via GSM networks.

The e-filing application (DECWEB) is a software application developed by UTI allowing administrative form filling in, encryption and transmission via Internet as well as document digitally signing and digitally signed receipt issuing. A particular application of DECWEB is its use with the Ministry of Finances as part of a project promoted by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology intended to support companies to send their annual balance sheets via the Internet.

The Certification Authority (certSafe) is a complex product both hardware and software developed by UTI, performing digital certificate management (issue, cancelling, publishing) intended for user identification, electronic document signing, Internet encrypted connection setting.

clickSign is an application integrated into Microsoft Office or Lotus Notes allowing digital signing, encryption or e-mail transmission of any document open in one of the above mentioned suites. The application uses digital certificates stored on smartcards or tokens. It can be used as a secured e-mail service as it allows for the secure identification of the sender and receiver as well as message integrity checking by digital signing and encryption of the documents locally transmitted or stored.

UTI Information Systems will present at Expomil the following products:

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ZEUS is an information system intended for the management of economic and financial resources belonging to holding companies. The system has a client-server architecture using Oracle technology.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND OPTIMISATION THROUGH SIMULATION SYSTEM – DINAMIC 1.0 is an information system meant for an optimal planning through simulation. Operational research, GIS and modelling-simulation are used.

INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR LOGISTICS – SIL provides informational support for logistics and financial processes. Its architecture uses the Oracle Applications Technology, being a web-based application.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT APPLICATION – DMC 1.0 was designed to keep and categorize the documents circulating within the organisation, as well as to monitor document flows, message and document exchange among the organisation members. It is a client-server application using Oracle technology – MS Visual C++.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – K-SYS is intended for automatic analysis and classification of the information belonging to different work environments. This system is optimally used both in the economic environment for market analysis and in the government environment. The component applications are based on web technologies.

At Expomil, Firex Engineering, a company belonging to UTI Group, presents some of the most modern fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems manufactured by ANSUL Inc.

  • AUTOPULSE detection and alarm system
  • Aerosol extinguishing system
  • INERGEN extinguishing system

All the systems are remarkably resistant, ecological and reliable. They are used for fitting out special areas exposed to fire risks equipped with computers or telecommunications installations located within civil or military sites in United States, Europe or Asia.