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UTI Publishing House launches a new book: Total Security

The concept of “total security” emerged as a result of the development pace set by the modern society, with a view to providing a possibility to rationally face threats and disasters. UTI Publishing House launches the book Securitatea deplina (Total Security), which is a vivid illustration of the concept.

UTI Publishing House, set up in 1998, launches the book Securitatea deplina (Total Security), authors eng. Tiberiu Urdareanu and eng. Gheorghe Ilie, PhD.

“The rapid pace of development set by the modern society, the highest ever, made society search for maximum profit in a secure environment while contributing to the rise of the science of dynamic stability (equilibrium) in preset, therefore accepted, unbalanced margins. This way, concepts and technologies specific to rational risk management, to social and process security as well as a systematic approach of subversive, volitional or accidental actions emerged.

Based on a scientific experience shown in the previous volumes as well as on the implementation of remarkably effective solutions, the concept of total security puts forward the integrality and multidimensionality specific to security as well as the possibility to rationally and effectively face the risks brought about by threats and disasters.”