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The traffic management system in Galati: implementation status, next phases and estimated results

Started in August 2015, the traffic management system was commissioned end of July 2016. The initial completion term had been 7 months since the order to start the works was issued, namely March 27, 2016. The term was extended by additional deed until August 1, 2016 when all the components of the system have been commissioned.

The traffic management system in Galati will coordinate traffic on the four main streets of the city Brailei St, Domnesca St, Cosbuc Blvd, Basarabiei Blvd.

The project consists of equipment of 63 intersections/pedestrian crossings with 43 traffic controllers, 694 traffic lights, 109 pedestrian push-to-walk buttons, 346 acoustic devices, 250 traffic detectors (inductive loops or video detectors), 39 video surveillance cameras, radio communication network, control center.

The cutting edge traffic management system has the advantage of the adaptive operation of the traffic lights and control components. The adaptive operation consists in the adjustment of the green light time depending on the traffic values registered by the sensors that collect and transmit information to the traffic center through the radio communication network.

A dedicated software analyzes the gathered data and establishes the green light times depending on the information on the number of vehicles that approach the intersection, their speed and direction, traffic accidents, etc. The software analyzes all variables and adjusts the green light to provide a continuous vehicle flow and to prevent traffic jams.

The traffic improvement will be experienced progressively. The green times will gradually improve, so that the traffic improvement will be easily perceived by the residents of Galati after an adjustment period when the travel time on the main streets, at rush hour, will be diminished by 15%.

In order to meet all operation and data processing request in real time, the system integrates cutting edge technologies, both software and hardware, provided by important producers (Swarco) and integrated by UTI, a company that has implemented over 20 adaptive traffic management systems in Romania, as well as in other European countries.  The system is based on the integration of traffic measurement, control and improvement technologies within the existent road structure.

The final purpose of the technological solutions is to render efficient the road network, reduce pollution and increase the safety and comfort level of the inhabitants. These results will become visible only after an adjustment period when the gathered traffic data will be analyzed.

The traffic management system in Galati will improve the lives of the residents in the long term and will meet the mobility needs of a modern city that must remain economically competitive. The system is similar to other systems implemented in Bucharest, Iasi, Craiova, as well as in other important European cities (Berlin, Vienna, Roma, Stockholm, Prague).

The traffic management system in Galati is implemented by the Association UTI Grup – Swarco Traffic – Mobilis, based on a technical project drawn by Smart Telecom and approved by the responsible institution within the City Hall of Galati. The responsibilities of each member of the Association: Swarco Traffic manages the traffic lights and adaptive operation programs, Mobilis manages the radio communications system, while UTI Grup performs all installation works.

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