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UTI, national producer of defense and security systems and solutions attends the Black Sea Defense & Aerospace (BSDA) exhibition, held in Romaero, Bucharest, on May 16-18 – in booth no 1001, Hall B

Our company aims at developing international projects in the region and presents its newest products belonging to the product range delivered for NATO, as well as the partnership concluded with the Canadian company ULTRA ELECTRONICS TCS for electronic warfare solutions. The UTI booth hosts well-known solutions in its portfolio, as well as systems developed within national security projects at a total amount of EUR 24 million.

Our guests at BSDA could test the newest products of the product range manufactured and already delivered to NATO:

KIntel™ System – “Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance System” type

In order to support the research/INTEL activity of the armed forces, UTI has developed a suite of software instruments that integrate specific sensor systems (STANAG Data) and gather data from various sources: space, air, ground, and naval. By implementing the Tasking-Collection-Processing-Exploitation-Dissemination (TCPED) cycle, specific to the INTEL field, the specialists are able to provide relevant information and products regarding the enemy and the combat environment to their commanders.

KProtector™ range of products – “Mobile, Shielded, Adaptable Transit Case System” type

During the missions of the Armed Forces in theaters of operation, the IT critical equipment need physical protection and proper functioning in different and harsh environments. In support of a successful deployment of a mobile command and control center in the tactical field, UTI has developed KProtector™, a highly mobile, shielded and customized system for the full protection of IT&C equipment, that includes an air conditioning unit as well. KProtector™ is a continuation of the KShelter military container range of products, manufactured by UTI for the Romanian Air Forces.

The KIntel™ and KProtector™ systems have been delivered by UTI with the international project “NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Acquisition of AGS Core System”.

Within the UTI indoor booth our specialists present professional display solutions, all in one, with large touch screens, as well as a proprietary and TEMPEST shielded miniPC.

Encryption solutions

certSIGN, a UTI affiliated company, presents its range of encryption products.

The SECURE MOBILE WORK ENVIRONMENT integrated system, composed of a suite of proprietary encrypting software products, digital signature, secured document management and communications, virtualization and cyber security solutions for the protection of the entire IT&C infrastructure ensures the complete security of the data used by Armed Forces in their missions. The certSIGN products are included in the ORNISS and NATO NIAPC (NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogues and they can be used for classified information.


Within the partnership with the Canadian company ULTRA ELECTRONICS TCS (Canada) we host in our booth, by the patronage of the Canadian Embassy in Bucharest, a presentation of warfare solutions. Our visitors can test equipment for radar signals detection and assessment, specific to electronic warfare operations.

UTI develops partnerships with other prestigious companies in USA and Europe that aim at identifying synergies, developing capabilities and delivering state-of-the-art solutions in Romania or on mutual interest markets. Thus, the American companies CTL SYSTEMWARE and Martin UAV present their solutions in the field of electronic countermeasures and UAV devices used in defense missions.

We are also pleased to announce that HSS DEVELOPMENT (USA) specialists join us at BSDA and explain to the Armed Forces how do their detection, interception and jamming solutions work.

By using a touch screen display, the visitors of our booth could simulate actions on a battlefield. This is a solution presented by UTI and its partner, the Czech company BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS.

Our specialists in collaboration with OPGAL’s specialists – a Israeli company – present and demonstrate the capabilities of the thermal video cameras produced by our partner.

Research products in the field of national security amounting to 24 million euro

Along with its traditional solutions and products, UTI also presents its research projects in the field of national security, whose result are new and up-to-date products, systems and technologies.

SafeShore (Development of a system for detection of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)

Partners: Royal Military Academy of Belgium Queen Mary University of London, University of Salento Italy, Dr. Frucht Systems Ltd. Israel, UTI Grup Romania, TG Drives Czech Republic, Optix Bulgaria, Protection and Guard Service Romania, Romanian Border Police, Ministry of Public Security of Israel, Police Region West Coast of Belgium

EWISA (Early Warning for Increased Situational Awareness)

UTI Grup in partnership with Intracom Telecom Greece and Proeptica develops and tests border protection technologies for a Consortium made up of the Center for Security Studies – KEMEA, Spain Guardia Civil, Finnish Border Guard, Romanian Border Police

SPERO (Integrated Platform and Applications for Management of Disasters and Major Crisis)

Partners: National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, UTI Grup, Terrasigna, Institute of Space Science of Magurele, Astronomy Institute of Romanian Academy, Military Technical Academy

SPIA (Systems and Intelligent Platform for Video and Audio Analytics)

Partners: Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, UTI Grup, The protection and Guard Service

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platforms with dedicated capabilities and support infrastructure for national security missions)

Partners: INCAS, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency, UTI Grup, ICPECA, Avioane Craiova SA

More details about the exhibited products and solutions: