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UTI – partner of the CyberThreats and CyberSecurity Day conference

The Romanian Banking Institute and UTI have organized the CyberThreats and CyberSecurity Day conference, an event included in the ENISA conference series occasioned by the cybersecurity awareness month. This year’s conference has united two important cybersecurity events: CYBERTHREATS (8th edition) and CYBERSECURITY DAY (2nd edition).

As the cybernetic criminality is continually growing, the conference joined together important cybersecurity experts that activate both within international organizations (ENISA – European Network and Information Security Agency, AFCEA – Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association), national and international authorities, Romanian specialized associations, private companies (IBM, HP, Pierre Audoin Consultants, Gemalto Mobile Solutions, certSIGN and UTI), as well as representatives of important financial institutions (The Romanian Banking Institute, Romanian Banking Association, CIO Council, The National Bank of Romania).

The topics of the conference focused on the cybersecurity tendencies, procedures, instruments, and services necessary to prevent, identify and investigate cybernetic incidents, as well as to rapidly respond to the cybernetic incidents that threaten both the private and the public sector.

The workshops brought into the spotlight the solutions to prevent and solve the cybernetic threats for specific fields, such as finance-banking, energy, and mobile devices.

The conference brought together more that 160 specialists that took the opportunity to have an open dialogue with remarkable specialists in the field.

UTI and certSIGN’s specialists consider that it is of utmost importance to involve the private companies in the creation of the appropriate framework to debate all cybersecurity issues, taking into account the expertise private companies have, as well as the agility and ability to easily adjust to the rapid technological evolution.