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UTI’s collaboration with local universities is meant to open new horizons

UTI’s IT specialist have been involved in a large number of projects financed via The Operational Human Resources Development Program whose purpose is to improve the quality of the bachelor and master degree programs.

The main partners of the program: “Constantin Brancusi” University in Targu-Jiu, Ovidius University in Constanta, “1 Decembrie” University in Alba Iulia, “Vasile Alecsandri” University in Bacau, Universitatea Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

All the projects have aimed at developing learning opportunities and promoting innovation in universities by means of the IT technology. They have also envisaged to consolidate the collaboration among universities and business by updating the curricula of some subjects according to the suggestions transmitted by the business partners for a better integration of the graduates on the labor market and to update the curricula in compliance with the latest requests on the labor market.

Within the projects, UTI was responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance and management of the IT applications, as well as the professors’ training to manage and use the IT applications.

The projects we have developed in partnership with Constantin Brancusi University in Targu-Jiu had the following objectives:

  • Improve the quality of the bachelor and master degree programs in Energetics. The project addressed the students enrolled at Energetic Engineering, the professors within the quality assurance committees, the management of the university and all persons involved in developing university programs.
  • Improve the study curricula for subjects such as: finance-banking, accounting and accounting informatics (bachelor’s degree) and banks and insurance, control, audit and finance and accounting expertise (master’s degree).
  • Extend the learning opportunities via collaborations with the business environment
  • Improve the study curricula so that the subjects meet the requirements of the labor market – involve alumni to better correlate the curricula with the business environment
  • Organize common activities: practice stages, open days at the employers’ offices, career day, etc

The project developed in collaboration with Ovidius University in Constanta aimed at promoting the innovative entrepreneurial education by using a specialized software tool structured as a stock exchange meant to promote the use of IT competencies within the learning projects and facilitation of the access to education and information, as well as the consolidation of a communication means with the business environment that will lead to efficient collaboration among companies and universities. By means of the software platform UTI has developed the students will be able to improve their abilities and to adjust to the requirements of the labor market.

In collaboration with the 1 Decembrie University in Alba Iulia, UTI has performed a project to adjust the study curricula in the field of applied electronics, computer science and environmental engineering to the requirements of the 21st century. The main objective was to establish a lab to simulate the critical infrastructures of a smart city (electrical, environmental infrastructure, etc), integrated within a software management solution for field interventions.