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TEMPEST equipment

TEMPEST enclosure

TEMPEST mobile container

The noWAVE™ TEMPEST mobile container is made of aluminium and it can be designed, manufactured and delivered in different configurations. It is extremly useful for military and civilan applications.

TEMPEST indoor container

The noWAVE™ TEMPEST indoor container is vital for the protection of information against compromising electromagnetic radiations that derive from standard, large size equipment, such as: racks, multifunctionals or plotters. Having an attenuation capacity of over 100 dB, our product becomes a real EMC testing laboratory.

TEMPEST screened room

In order to block the compromising electromagnetic radiations of a room, the UTI specialists change the structure of the walls and the door. For the noWAVE™ TEMPEST screened room the power supplying and data lines, as well as the ventilation are assured through special filters. Our company has the necessary expertise and experience to design this type of solutions, using the most eficient and modern equipment, techniques and materials in the field.

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