Business Lines

UTI has a keen eye on identifying the challenges of the modern society and anticipating how the world is going to change next. For more than 25 years, UTI’s business line have developed, integrated and delivered some of the most advanced technologies to help clients achieve success and business efficiency.

In order to take full advantage of the market potential, UTI’s businesses are bunched up into five business lines, that provide turnkey solutions for transportation, energy, oil & gas industry, government, local authorities, financial institutions, corporations and commercial sites.

One of our strengths is the synergetic connection among the business lines the group – UTI started as a provider of security systems that was our core business for a long period. But the best approach to keep growing was to diversify the activity in adjacent fields and to create cohesion among the solutions provided.

Besides the technology and the technical competencies invested in every project, UTI provides clients with reliability and trust. Our teams like to run the extra mile and exceed the clients’ expectations. This in turn has its benefits for the company, as a large part of our portfolio is made up of recurring clients.