Business Lines

Complex Hardware Infrastructure Deployment

UTI can provide full systems and services, acting as a one-stop-shop organization for its beneficiaries, reducing their procurement and processing costs. In addition, UTI has strong relationships with key IT&C suppliers and uses both thorough and flexible purchasing procedures, thus being capable of offering competitive prices and delivery terms.

The equipment supplied as parts of solutions is delivered in compliance with the client’s request. UTI has the resources to deliver end-to-end projects on time and on budget and our specialists will guide you through all phases of the implementation process:

  • Planning – careful analysis of customers needs, to find the optimum solution
  • Procurement – all hardware elements are procured at a correct price
  • Configuration – providing hardware that is ready for immediate deployment
  • Installation – hardware and software installation and integration onto existing infrastructure
  • Testing – checking whether it is working fine in production or not
  • Training – training and continuous technical support for end-users
  • Project management – organizing and controlling resources accomplish a successful implementation