Who we are

UTI, one of the most important and innovative companies in Romania, has always stood for excellence, technology, trust and a strong commitment to quality.

Our vision is to integrate and develop technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere, from a small town, to a large city, from an individual to a large organization, or a governmental institution. This is what motivated us to keep the pace with the latest technologies, to add innovation, to reinvent ourselves. We adapt to the evolution of communities around us and we never stop evolving.

Over the last years, UTI has created a domestic reputation of approaching projects that have a decisive contribution to increasing the quality and safety of life. The company’s vision to become a vital part of the people’s life is grounded on the extensive solutions portfolio.

UTI brings together capabilities, system integration, consulting services, maintenance services and the team’s dedication to success. All this makes it possible for UTI to provide a portfolio of physical and IT security, ITS installations, automation and facility management systems and services that solves critical problems for our clients. Our solutions focus on helping clients secure their business and operations, and increase their efficiency.

The success of our integrated solutions resides not only in our technological excellence, sense of innovation and specialized teams, but also in our commitment to trust and responsibility – a commitment that has made us a strong partner for over 25 years.