Information Management


The documents that every business relies on are very important for any company and consequently, they should be managed properly.

Confluence will help you to easily identify and manage the information within a complex system and will guide you to higher productivity and better business decisions.

Our product was designed as a collaborative and paperless tool, which allows the unitary and integrated management of documents, as well as their flow within the organization, ensuring and certifying data confidentiality thanks to the incorporated security concept. No information is lost, no document is accessed by unauthorized persons and no data is altered in an irretrievable manner.

Even more, Confluence provides the latest version of the documents to be sure your staff is always using the correct revision.


  • Dedicated modules for document and workflow management
  • Overloaded resources monitoring
  • Analysis of the minimal and maximal time needed to solve a task, of the activities with high resources consumption and of those which block the system
  • Easy implementation
  • Reduced costs due to the web-based application
  • Ergonomic and safe exploitation due to the modular structure and web interface
  • Operational registration module (configuration of registers with specific/different structures)
  • Access from mobile devices using a dedicated application


  • Structured information, easy to find and manage
  • Improved internal communication
  • Increased efficiency among employees
  • Rapid access to information, statistics and indicators for decision makers
  • Easy to use, therefore 0 costs for the product administration


  • Large and medium companies
  • Government institutions
  • Local authorities
  • Health institutions
  • Education institutions
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