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Emergency Management Center

Keeping the public safe is one of the most important strategic objectives of local authorities and governments. Irrespective of their nature, emergencies endanger lives, damage infrastructures, destroy property and cut essential public services. Under circumstances like these, rapid intervention is crucial and life-saving.

Managing an emergency situation involves many entities and integrates several systems and multiple processes. For fast and coordinated emergency responses, all entities need information and insights to adapt to rapidly changing situations. UTI’s Emergency Management Center solution provides real-time situation awareness meant to enable decision-making, intervention accuracy, and effectiveness.


  • Unique national system for 112 emergency calls
  • Common Operational Picture with integrated GIS support (Common Graphical User Interface)
  • Resources Management
  • Planning and Decision Support System
  • Response Scenarios for different types of risks and related crisis
  • Post-Crisis Assessment
  • Mobile Command and Control
  • Sensor Integration (UAV, Video, Meteorological, Hydrological, Seismic, etc.)
  • Integrated Communications (Voice/Data/Video)
  • Safety & Security Monitoring System Integration
  • Public Alarm and Information System Integration
  • Traffic Management System Integration

UTI’s Emergency Management Center solution enables authorities to:

  • Provide a common operation picture
  • Deliver rapid, coordinated responses to events
  • Reduce the impact of crisis situations to the public services and citizens
  • Optimize operational efficiencies and improve planning
  • Based on the accumulated experience, improve strategic and tactical decision-making (anticipation, prevention, and efficient resource deployment)

The Emergency Management Center solution can enhance system operations and respond to the citizens’ needs by improving situational awareness. Its open architecture enables cross-domain synergies with various agencies.