R&D Perspectives

Today and in the years to come, UTI will focus even more on R&D, as this will play a key role in the company’s future growth. The fields that we plan to approach are:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – the intelligent interaction among devices, systems and services that connect through Internet
  • Artificial intelligence (traffic optimization algorithms, prediction algorithms for intelligent transportation systems, video and audio analysis algorithms, etc.)
  • Energetic efficiency (intelligent registration of resources consumption by an integrated monitoring of the consumer, efficient management of faults in order to optimize the resources consumption, etc.)

We are ready to develop customized business support solutions, as well as products for the citizens who appreciate the advantages of mobile and secure technologies.

Business support

  • Hardware communications security
  • Video analysis
  • Digital signature
  • Cloud security infrastructure
  • IT solutions for utilities
  • 3D production
  • IT GIS solutions


  • Electronic equipment for transportation
  • Remote payment solutions
  • Digital signature
  • Digital certificate
  • Mobile applications
  • Land registration
  • 3D printing