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Facility Management

Since the middle of the 20th century, facilities have become much larger and more complicated, often relying on computerized and electronic support systems that require expertise to operate and repair. Furthermore, they have to keep up with the fast technological advance and proliferation of complex rules and regulations applying differently to each industry sector. In this context, the role of facility management expanded significantly, having a strategic impact on business productivity and performance.

UTI is one of the pioneering facility management companies in Romania, having a real contribution to the development of this domain. With a tremendous experience in the facility and property management field, UTI provides integrated facility management services, structured according to the specific activity carried out by its clients. The solutions are designed for companies in various fields of business, such as banking, retail, real estate, industrial, transportation, governmental and administrative and are tailored to best meet their needs and bring the expected results: reduce the administrative costs, increase operational efficiency, occupant comfort and performance of the core activity.