UTI celebrates 25 years of contribution to the development of smart cities


The 25 years of UTI mark a period of continuous development, in which the company has expanded its areas of expertise and diversified its skills. We started with physical security and IT solutions and continued to develop solutions that complement these fields.


UTI is part of NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Programme


This NATO program was initiated to support joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for all the 28 NATO allies and to give commanders a comprehensive picture of the situation on the ground: Collective defense Crisis management Cooperative security It will be made available to the Alliance in the 2017-2018 timeframe. The system developed within the AGS…


UTI’s Research and Development Center in the spotlight


UTI has successfully finalized the process of privatization of  the Research and Design for Production Systems Institute. The investment amounted to over 7 million euro and transformed the institute into an excellence center for the research, design, development and manufacturing of cutting-edge systems for the defense and security industry.


Video presentation of the National Arena, Bucharest


The National Arena is a reference project in UTI’s portfolio, a state-of-the art stadium infrastructure  in compliance with FIFA and UEFA ELITE regulations, that hosts the most important football and entertainment events in Romania.