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Air Surveillance Radars

The TPS79 Radar, designed as Gap Filler radar, was developed by Lockheed Martin having UTI as  its major partner. Its purpose is to increase the low and medium altitude air surveillance capabilities of the Romanian National Air Defense System and to support peace-keeping operations all over the world, by providing tactical air surveillance.

The Gap Filler Radar, a modern and NATO-compatible radar, is the most advanced 3D medium range, multi-mission, highly mobile and rapidly deployable radar system. By its own means, the system can cross rivers, climb steep slopes or cruise over marshlands. It can be transported by air (C-130), sea (cargo ship) and land (autonomously on/off-road or on railroad).

  • Three-dimensional
  • Enhanced target detection in clutter
  • Fail-soft capability
  • Solid-state S-band design
  • Exceptional signal-to-clutter performance
  • Selectable circular (L&R) linear polarization for improved target detection in presence of clutter/rain
  • High mean-time-between-failures for low life-cycle costs
  • Highly mobile for rapid deployment
  • Integrated radar/beacon antenna eliminating dual antenna alignment requirement
  • Comprehensive BIT and BITE