Business Lines

Public Venues Solutions

A modern arena is an exceptional network of interconnected systems, requiring expertise for installation, management and thorough maintenance for its entire operating period. UTI has made a long-term commitment to technological innovation and reliable professional partnership, as well as proven experience in designing sports and public venues solutions.

Security, safety, and comfort are essential requirements when designing and building such projects, while legal and regulatory compliance is observed.
UTI provides a wide range of products and solutions for stadiums, arenas, and public venues, in order to match its specific needs.

  • Turnkey design-built construction and installations
  • Project management and consulting from initial construction or during different stages of development
  • Complete stadium installations: design, execution, implementation, operation and maintenance for:
    • Electrical infrastructure
    • Mechanical installations
    • Sanitary and plumbing installations
    • Telecommunications: broadcasting, IPTV, sound and video, dynamic information systems, emergency calls
    • Fire protection
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting
    • Integrated ticketing and access control systems
    • Security systems
    • Parking management
    • Management and control centers