ITS and Ticketing

Skayo Bridge

An efficient public transport network needs reliable solutions to plan, operate and optimize its activities. Smart public transport takes advantage of any information available and turns it into a critical resource.

Our proprietary software solution tailored for the public transport industry offers access to all critical information that renders it more efficient.

Skayo Bridge provides a high level of monitoring capabilities and assures effective communication among the transportation vehicles and the central dispatch office.

It collects and disseminates traffic-related information to assure all operations are always running smoothly, as it monitors transportation vehicles in real-time, provides location information to the dispatch and the passengers, manages all integrated equipment.

The modular structure allows customization of its functionalities.

Modules Functionalities
Communications and on-board equipment control GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location
Management of digital inputs
Passenger information
Public transport prioritization
Automatic incident detection and management and response plan implementation
Automatic Passenger Counting
Route analysis and prediction based on the existing collected data
Real Time passenger information Integration and management of the visual and audio equipment
Event detection when the bus enters or leaves the station
Manual route configuration
VoIP Audio communication with the dispatch
Automatic communication in case of an emergency situation
Predefined message exchange among the vehicles and the dispatch
Validator management Validator setting
Route setting
Communication among the validators and the board computer with respect to the zone-fare collection
Monitoring Primary detection of the operation status


  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve passenger’s safety and experience
  • Timely manage incidents
  • Increase traffic flows, vehicle occupancy and operator revenues
  • Decrease costly infrastructure investments


  • Private and public transport operators
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