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Operational superiority is essential when fighting a war and can be achieved if you have the means to gather, analyze, process and distribute information timely. With its comprehensive range of C4I products and solutions, UTI provides information superiority to air, land and naval forces, joint structures.

UTI focuses on decision support, automated military calculation, and optimization, and ensuring a powerful data security infrastructure. Specific focus is provided to military-based standards and methodologies, where UTI has high expertise grounded on working with methodologies such as US Military Standard-498 (MIL-STD-498) for software development and documentation, command, and control system design based on NATO standards (NATO C3 Technical Architecture – NC3TA, ADatP-3 for formatted messaging, Multilateral Interoperability Program for Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS)).

Operational Capabilities

  • Information management (COP, BFT)
  • Personnel, Logistics, Meteorological situation
  • Geographic data – GIS multiple map formats available, Radio/radar visibility available on the map, various tactical layers
  • Plans, orders & reports according to NATO 6-Pharagraphs Plan, STANAG 2014
  • Data model according to the C2IEDM MIP standard
  • COP – Common Operational Picture
  • Data replication MIP DEM (Data Exchange Mechanism)
  • Plans and orders according to the NATO 5-Point Plan
  • Formatted Messaging System AdatP-3 standard
  • Military messaging
  • Data security, support for low bandwidth tactical communication infrastructure (VH/UHF)
  • Information security based on our proprietary PKI products
  • ISR capability
  • Ruggedized equipment

Standards and interoperability

  • Data model according to MIP DEM specification standard
  • Data replication MIP DEM (Data Exchange Mechanism)
  • Formatted Messaging System ADatP3 standard (featuring automated database update)
  • NATO Friendly Forces Information (NFFI) according to STANAG 5527

Modular solution expandable to all echelons

  • State-of-the-art software solutions for Command and Control and Formatted Messaging System
  • Technical support for upgrades to framework new versions
  • Technical support to maintain the system interoperability
  • Support for system maintenance, localization, end-user training, operational test, national and international tests, interoperability tests