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Cloud Computing & Big Data

The amount of data continues to increase at an exponential rate and conducts to new business models and project approaches. The paradigm is now centered on collecting, storing, handling and extracting meaning from different kind of data. Cloud computing can be used to easily handle any amount of data.

Cloud Computing enables companies to easily use software, as well as processing platforms and computing infrastructure from any location through Internet services. Cloud computing eliminates the need to maintain expensive computing hardware, dedicated space, and software.

UTI’s approach relies on conjoined cloud computing and big data, while the experience in large scale projects indicates the importance and the advantages of big data in cloud computing.

  • Cost-effective way to support big data technologies and advanced analytics
  • Flexible access to big data’s applications
  • Rapid deployment – advantages over traditional physical deployments
  • Replacing investments on hardware
  • Flexibility/scalability
  • Improved productivity of the IT teams