HR Culture

UTI’s success is due mainly to its talented and passionate employees. UTI encourages and challenges them with exciting and innovative projects, both on the Romanian and on the international markets.

UTI is a top employer for people with technical background and expertise as it offers great professional prospects.

We are constantly raising the professional standards our employees have to meet and we focus on attracting young people for either specialist or executive positions. Thus, we establish contacts with students and Master of Science graduates in our R&D projects, which will turn into business ideas and new products/solutions. The students and the graduates that join our team find in our company multiple opportunities to learn and develop their careers, they are assisted by specialists and trained every step of the way.

UTI offers experienced professionals a wide range of opportunities to continue their personal success stories, while contributing to the company’s success story.


  • Strong entrepreneurial culture
  • Over average creativity
  • Client-focused orientation


  • NATO secret security clearance level
  • Information security certifications – CISCO, CISM, CISA, CRISC, CISSP
  • Airport and seaport security and operations
  • Nuclear markets

Career management

  • Continuous recruitment process
  • Internal and external training programmes
  • On-job qualification

Transforming values into actions

Excellency – find answers to the challenges of our time, deliver top quality solutions with sustainable results.

Responsibility – commit to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

Trust – build lasting relationships through honest and adequate engagement