ITS and Ticketing

KTraffic Controller

KTraffic Controller covers all the requirements necessary for traffic-controlled intersections. It is easily programmable based on the collected data and can lead to timely error diagnostics and repair. It integrates the controlling logic necessary for fully autonomous decentralized traffic-actuated control.

KTrafficController is a key component of the efficient traffic management system UTI could implement in any city and provides coordination among traffic computers, detectors and signals, reliable and accurate control functions, but also data collection.


  • Fixed time signal plan
  • Traffic-actuated control
  • “Night all-red” operation mode
  • Public transport preference
  • Integrated rescue system (IRS) preference
  • Safety integrity


  • Fully adaptive and dynamic control
  • User-defined special functions
  • OCIT compatible
  • Easily programmable
  • Decentralized operation


  • Municipalities
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