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License Plate Recognition

Our specialists developed KVision LPR, a high-class product that allows the video surveillance and real-time automatic identification of vehicle license plate numbers. With a 95% rate of successful recognition and thanks to the speed of information processing, it is one of the most advanced application in its field.
This application is a modern and effective solution for traffic supervision, monitoring and access control for gates (parking lots, parking places) and for passing through a traffic control point (foot bridge, gang plank, motor highway, and toll).

The solution can be supervised by an operator who corrects any errors that occur in the character recognition process. To avoid errors, the databases store both types of information: the recognized number by KVision LPR application and the number modified by the operator.

  • Identification and processing of the image of the register number plate
  • Segmenting the characters of the register number
  • Immediate visualization of the detected events after the car passed
  • Different settings for video cameras parameters according to the light conditions (day or night)
  • Instant image view
  • Movie export in .avi format