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Document and workflow management solution – DoxLite

DOXLITE is a secured document and workflow management product that enables data communication at different hierarchical levels, without any risk regarding the content.

Our solution is a safe information circuit that makes the users comfortable if they need to inform the superiors about a document, change and approve it.

DOXLITE is a flexible mechanism that uses a visual interface to change the workflow, redefine subsequent actions and conditions for any memo or request to be approved.

Our product makes it a lot easier for the clients to manage documents, reduce the overwhelming amount of papers that are generated in every office and that can be lost or are hard to track down. Above all, we are offering a tool that eases activities and helps avoiding blocking them.

Its modular structure and web interface turn it into a very ergonomic solution, while the incorporated security concept helps the users protect the information.

Doxlite is the new generation of Confluence, a document management solution that has been consolidated and tested with clients in public administration and private companies.


  • Documents registration and management
  • Last generation interface, web-based architecture
  • High level of security
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Check-up of the electronic signatures for every step of the process
  • Collaborative work tools included
  • Advanced searching functions
  • Creation of different versions of a document
  • Electronic templates – structured documents
  • Document library
  • Document archives
  • Users notification in cases of security incidents
  • Taking over the documents straight from the scanner, both individually and in batch system, with OCR and barcode recognition capabilities
  • Certification of authenticity for exported files in .pdf format, by electronic signature and/or watermark
  • Access from mobile devices to the electronic documents and workflow through a dedicated application


  • Efficient management of the documents life cycle
  • Customized solution, according to the client’s needs and requests
  • Configuration, protection and real time monitoring of the workflows within an organization
  • Strict monitoring of activities, highlighting the performances and the jams
  • Improved internal communication
  • Reduction of costs that were allocated to deposit documents
  • Efficient management of human resources
  • Improved relationships with the public and the clients
  • Easy to implement
  • Professional technical assistance


  • Large and medium companies
  • Government institutions
  • Local authorities
  • Health institutions
  • Education institutions
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