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Airport operational management system – ICAR

Airports represent key components of the local, national and regional infrastructure. UTI focuses on delivering innovative and high quality solutions covering the needs of an airport. To respond to an airport’s need for a management solution, UTI has developed ICAR – a proprietary Integrated Airport Management Solution.

After 13 years of hard work performed as a team by UTI specialists and the staff of Henri Coanda International Airport, ICAR has grown into a highly reliable integrated system

The innovative part of the system consists in the integration of an airport activity-related operational module in addition to the financial, HR and security modules of a classic ERP solution.

Main modules

  • ICAR Financial
  • ICAR Operational
    • Flight
    • Information
    • Ground Management
    • Terminal Management
  • ICAR Security


  • Increase airport capacity
  • Cost savings and better business results
  • Efficient utilization of airport assets and resources
  • Reduced risk of human errors
  • Improved airport experience
  • Customized to individual airport requirements


  • Records of services used by the airlines
  • Resource records and management
  • Powerful communication mechanism
  • System interfacing
  • Airport website to provide real-time information about the flight plan
  • Financial – accounting management
  • SITA, AFTN, ACC integration to take over news/information regarding flights (delays, aircraft, passenger structure)
  • Automatic generation of flight resources allocation