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Border Security Solutions

To be effective in the current environment, the Border Police has to use a highly centralized organizational model with a direct chain of command between high-level and low-level echelons and direct connection to European agencies. This national command structure facilitates national determinations on threat and resource priorities and allows for the rapid deployment of Border Police forces, both on a short-term, temporary basis, as well as on long-term or permanent operations.

UTI Key Principles in Designing Advanced Border Control Systems

  • European regulations compliance – Schengen recommendations and best practices, interfaces with EU central systems: SIS, VIS, EURODAC, FADO, FRONTEX, Interpol
  • System tailored according to specific national needs – Institutional framework, roles, responsibilities and inter-agency cooperation, systems integration at national level
  • Flexible system architecture based on latest IT standards – Modern technology (Enterprise Java, .NET), decoupled components, service oriented architecture, integration of legacy systems
  • Easy to use – Designed with focus on operational end-users and high accessibility of Police officers to system functionalities, making complexity transparent for every-day users
  • Secure operations – High availability, confidentiality, authenticity, data integrity, personal data protection and privacy

Solutions for border security

  • Software applications supporting key operational domains, available as core standard-based components, ready to be customized for specific national needs
  • Management of National Blacklists / Schengen Alerts
  • Personal Identity and Document Control at Border Crossing Points
  • Command and Control – Patrol and Surveillance Missions
  • Road Traffic Surveillance – Automated real-time license plate recognition
    and verification
  • Case Management, Investigation of Illegal Acts, Intelligence
  • Software applications for support processes within the organization
  • Secure Document Management, Workflow, and Archiving
  • Information Security Products
  • Certification Authority and advanced PKI services using hardware security modules
  • Desktop and mobile terminals security; encryption and digital signature for secure messaging
  • Identity and Access Management based on digital certificates and smartcards