Business Lines

Armored Vehicles and Defense Mobile Platforms

  • Full capability in developing, designing, prototyping and testing the armored vehicles that are equipped according to the client’s requirements
  • Strong partnership with the Romanian traditional producer of military vehicles, weapons, and ammunitions, CN Romarm SA


By integrating research and development skills, UTI has the capability to implement advanced engineering projects and generate new products that position the company as a strong player on the specialized European defense market.

Our specialists design special rectangular aluminum containers aimed at protecting and storing the specific equipment installed in operation centers, data centers, armed forces operational structures. They will also protect the personnel that operates the systems.

  • Project research and implementation
  • Development and production
  • Integration with communications systems, accessories, and other systems
  • Integration with command and control points/centers
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • NATO and EU compliant

Ruggedized carrying cases

The ruggedized carrying cases are special containers used for the transportation, deployment and operating tactical components under hostile environmental conditions, and storage of IT equipment: servers, UPS, external data storage drives. They can be deployed for forward tactical units, ensuring the optimum operation of the sheltered equipment.

  • Design and production of acclimatized and sealed ruggedized cases
  • Shock and vibration damping
  • Electromagnetic shielding
  • Racks or other accessories endowment


They are specialized, modular or distributed technical systems used when performing specific missions in communications, nuclear research, bacteriological, chemical and radiological (NBCR) research in the optical and infrared spectrum and radar research. These superstructures are placed on the chassis of the specialized vehicles.

  • Improvement and adjustment for special vehicles
  • Integration with the specific equipment mounted on vehicles
  • Integration with other external systems, accessories, and installations

Mobile data centers

Mobile data centers are insulated and sealed containers that are designed to operate within the framework of advanced archiving, data protection, disaster recovery, and attack recovering. Our research and development infrastructure and experience in the integration of solutions enable us to provide turnkey solutions and to customize them according to the client’s needs.

  • Deployable to any location
  • Multi-modal: transportable by land, water, air
  • Reliability and safety
  • Versatile configuration and modular design
  • Safety and security for processed data
  • Quick design, execution and setup
  • Ergonomic space use thanks to the high compactness of the equipment and systems
  • Reduced administration and maintenance costs
  • Complete turnkey solution, customized according to clients’ needs (design, installation, commissioning)

Thanks to their mobile and robust construction, the UTI data centers can be used inside or outside, consisting of software systems and IT and communication equipment, cooling systems, automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems, intrusion detection systems, remote monitoring systems, UPS, batteries and generators, shock and vibration damping.