Fleet Management


KTrack is an efficient solution for fleet monitoring and management that helps reducing fuel consumption, optimize administrative costs, and protect people and assets.

KTrack localizes and monitors an entire car fleet in real time, using a GPS technology via a secure web application. KTrack is also an efficient management instrument for fleet managers, enabling them to plan and optimize routes and drivers activity, to track fuel consumption and keep up-to-date maintenance records. KTrack  gives access to a variety of reports and statistics regarding fleet performance.

This is an ideal fleet management solution for companies  in a wide range of fields such as logistics companies, courier, transportation, taxi, distribution, rental, and moving, etc.


  • Vehicle Tracking Device
    • Small device that is mounted onboard
    • Easy to install, without affecting the vehicle initial configuration
    • Receives the GPS signal and communicates with the server, offering various information like position, speed, status, etc.
  • Data Center
    • A modern secure communication server, available 24/7
    • Processes and stores data transmitted by the equipment installed on board of the vehicle
  • Online Monitoring Application
    • Software application developed in-house, that could by customized according to the client’s needs and requirements
    • Intuitive graphic interface
    • Accessible online from any computer or smart mobile device
    • Real-time monitoring on licensed digital maps, updated on regular basis
    • Management tool used to plan and optimize routes, keep record of vehicle documents compliance and inspections, fuel consumption tracking, tachograph entries, etc.
    • Report, alert and notification generation
    • Easily interfaced with other resource management applications (CRM, ERP, etc.)


  • Reduces overall administrative costs
  • Keeps track of the fuel consumption
  • Monitors in real-time the fleet and drivers activity
  • Helps to plan fleet and drivers activity
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Efficiently manages reports
  • Minimizes operational risks and penalties throughout its alert functions
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