Business Lines

Integrated Security Systems

UTI has gained its position as a top regional security integrator within complex and challenging projects that help the clients keep their activity under control. UTI develops projects based on unique proprietary equipment, software applications and signal processing technologies, which are efficiently integrated with parts provided by the best producers of security equipment. We guarantee the technical reliability and smooth functioning of the implemented equipment and we provide efficient services, helping the client train its personnel and minimize costs.

A major concern when it comes to civil protection is to ensure our children’s safety within the educational institutions. We address the threats that might affect them while they are in school, such as violence, thefts, drug and alcohol use, by installing high technology equipment that protects the educational perimeter and deters any unauthorized entrance.

The video surveillance systems are meant to secure the schools’ properties and goods and determine the parents to trust the management more since their children are under a strict surveillance that will decrease absenteeism among teenagers.

Perimeter protection

UTI provides reliable, effective and integrated security solutions suitable for perimeter detection and security.

  • Physical barriers, electronic detection, and video surveillance
  • Individually protected zones (defense in depth), multi-modal detection to increase the security performance, advanced detection (pre-alarming)
  • Systems designed according to the client’s needs and specificity of the surveyed area

Security is effective if an adverse action can be prevented or interrupted before completion. In order to be successful in denying an adverse action, the security response action should end before the adverse action ends. Thus, we provide thorough design and simulations in order to make sure the system guarantees the desired performance level.

A security system is as strong as its weakest point. Our specialists make an analysis to make sure the protection effort is uniformly distributed because the overprotection of an areato  while ignoring others means wasted time and money.

Intrusion detection

The intrusion detection systems are primarily focused on identifying possible security incidents, logging information and reporting attempts to enter an area.
UTI continuously invests in the development of proprietary solutions in order to offer its clients the best security equipment to address their risks and threats. KGuard is such a product, with two distinctive functions: intrusion detection and access control. This solution has proved its reliability and intrusion alarming features within complex security projects.

Our company integrates a high range of intrusion detection systems, aimed at facilitating the interoperability, the decisions support, as well as the intervention coordination in cases of emergency.

  • Systems designed based on high-technology equipment
  • Detection of the actual or attempted entry by unauthorized persons into a secure area, triggering an immediate response
  • In-depth defense
  • Customized solutions

Access control

Installing access control solutions is of prime importance whenever a client wants to secure important, confidential or sensitive information and equipment.
KGuard, our customizable product, provides integrated intrusion detection and access control features for the same area. It can be installed within offices, banks, warehouses, casinos, schools, hotels, etc. with maximum results.

The solution can be configured according to the client’s needs, locally by means of the LCD keyboard, or remotely through the Key Security Manager software.

  • Detection of any unauthorized access to an area
  • Personnel’s time & attendance reports
  • Control and monitoring of the personnel and vehicles movements inside a protected perimeter
  • Security control for luggage and parcels, as well as forbidden objects, such as: weapons, explosives, drugs and radioactive materials

The access control system provides better person and vehicle entrances and exits management, within an area, 24/7, but also automatic disposal of access filters in cases of emergency.

KGuard is a solution with built-in capabilities that enable easy system expansion and addition of optional security areas.

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is a vital tool for around the clock people and property protection. These solutions play a key role in preventing liability and risks in the field of critical infrastructures.

  • High-technology video surveillance equipment, provided by the most important manufacturers in the world
  • Used for perimeter and indoor security, for detection and alarms checking, as well as for intelligent video content analysis
  • The high-resolution video cameras are the best support for a better and a faster decisions process because they enable collection, merging, and analysis of data gathered from multiple sources.

The video surveillance systems cover all the important areas and monitor every unusual activity, facilitating a quick and efficient intervention.

The solutions can be adapted to rough environments and include high resolutions cameras in sealed enclosures (for areas with explosive potential we use special anti-explosive enclosures) with a great capacity for image zoom and day and night vision.

We can also install video cameras that are powered by a solar panel-based energy system and that can be deployed without any local infrastructure.

The images and the alarm of the video cameras are centralized in a monitoring center. The video surveillance system can also be connected to other systems such as access control, fire detection, intrusion detection.