ITS and Ticketing

Skayo Validator

Part of a proprietary fare collection family of products,  Skayo Validator is designed to manage the inspection, collection, and validation of fare products stored on contactless smartcards, bank cards or NFC-equipped smartphones, as well as printed on thermal paper.

Its mature technology is in compliance with the international standards, yet agile and easily customizable.

Its intuitive interface and high-speed processing allow a high passenger flow that is important to any efficient public transport systems in a crowded city.  Clear information about the collected fare or any other transaction performed by the passengers is provided via text messages on the display, sounds, and light indicators. Suggestions for certain transactions can be displayed as instructions on the touch screen.

Securely mounted on the bus poles, Skayo is very compact, non-intrusive and safe.


  • Automated collection of the transport fare, according to the travel plans stored on the card
  • Verification of the fare products stored on the smart cards
  • Management of the fare policies (unique fare passes, time-based passes, zone-based passes, journey-based tickets, electronic purse, etc)
  • Integration of fares from various transport operators
  • Communication with the master system via Ethernet, GPRS or WiFi
  • Integrated GPS
  • Stand-alone operation or integrated with an onboard computer
  • Remote software update
  • Easy to install and protected against unauthorized access

Benefits for transport operators

  • Provide a wide range of fare collection and verification policies
  • Reduce fraud and fare evasion
  • Analyze the collected data to provide better services
  • Automate processes and reduce dwell times
  • Get customer satisfaction by providing services that match their lifestyle


  • Public and private transport operators
  • Entertainment and sports arenas
  • Parking operators
  • Rent-a-bike companies
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