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EOD & Utility Robots EOD & Utility Robots

EOD & Utility Robots

The autonomous intervention robots can be used in specific military missions, operations research or surveillance and can easily replace humans in difficult or dangerous situations that involve fire, toxic substances or explosive substances. They can move into the most difficult areas from urban environment (narrow space, bend/ curve, paved road or grass) to the war operation field (gravel, barbed wire/wire mesh, up to 30°slope), to monitor and remove explosive ordnance from buildings, bunkers, and cellars/basement.

  • Used on land, air and underwater specific missions
  • Efficient in research and observation missions
  • Fully controlled throughout the mission and highly mobile
  • Easily overcome obstacles and can be operated in a variety of environments and fields.
  • Equipped with video cameras capable of providing live images in all directions and even under low light conditions.
  • Some of the robots can shoot with recoilless disruptor or can be equipped with a X-ray system, portable cryogenic equipment, and towing winch.
    Are easy to maintain and repair.