UTI Foundation

Since the beginning, in 1990, UTI has been involved financially, materially or by volunteering in humanitarian, educational and cultural campaigns. In 2010, the company shareholders decided to create a dedicated entity to coordinate all social responsibility actions conducted by UTI companies.

UTI Foundation was consequently created, a non-profit, non-governmental and apolitical organization, that aims to improve the quality of life of the communities where the company is present and promote culture, education, and tradition throughout direct humanitarian, philanthropic, responsible actions, granting financial support or material assistance to socially or physically impaired persons, elderly and other vulnerable groups.

Areas of involvement

UTI Foundation has been constantly engaged and took part in various social and cultural activities, on its own initiative or in partnership with other non-profit organizations. We chose to get involved in areas such as culture, education, innovation and community development, humanitarianism, volunteering, employees responsibility, animal and environment protection.

Culture, education, community development

We value and encourage education, innovation, culture and all forms of artistic expression that contribute to the development of the communities, talent nurturing and promotion of the Romanian cultural traditions.

  • We work with foundations and artistic associations that develop cultural and artistic projects for the community, with socio-educational components, promoting cultural values and national identity.
  • We support excellence in education and we initiate partnerships with the Romanian academic environment.
  • We encourage and support innovation in the technology field, both financially and through direct involvement of our employees in private or national research and development programs.
  • We support projects that aim to protect and preserve our national cultural and religious heritage.

Humanitarian actions

We contribute to the well-being of people having health or financial problems or affected by natural disasters. We get involve by:

  • providing financial support and assistance to individuals with serious health problems
  • making constant donations (financial or material) to orphanages and retirement homes
  • supporting people in need, financially or materially
  • helping communities affected by natural disasters

We give constant support to our own employees with serious health problems, enabling them to access better medical services and treatment.

Animal protection

We care for stray animals and we engage actively in providing them a better existence. Concerned about the fate of the many abandoned stray dogs, some of them around our offices, we decided to build them a shelter. In this place, specially created for them, the animals are being taken care of safely and properly, by some of our volunteer employees, persons who love and respect animals. Over the years, some of the dogs were adopted, while others hope to find their masters soon. Through this initiative, we want to promote a respect for animals and to discourage their abandonment.

Responsibility towards the environment

We wish to live in a healthy and unpolluted environment that is why we seek to cause no damage to the natural ecosystem through our activity. We are always looking for solutions to reduce energy consumption, to wisely and carefully use the natural resources, to promote waste recycling and to encourage employees to manifest a responsible attitude towards the environment.


The UTI Foundations initiatives are financed by:

  • Sponsorship initiatives from individuals or companies in compliance with the prerogatives of Law 32/1994 regarding NGOs and non-profit associations’ sponsorship
  • Redirection of 2% of the income tax paid by employed persons to support non-profit organizations
  • Membership fee paid by UTI member companies


Since its creation, UTI Foundation has collaborated with many educational institutions, associations and non-profit organizations to carry out humanitarian, community and educational projects. Some of our partners are:

  • The Polytechnic University of Bucharest
  • Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest
  • The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, Bucharest
  • Heritage for the Future Association (former Friends of the Minovici Museums)
  • Sergiu Celibidache Foundation
  • Asociatia din Pod
  • The National Museum of The Army
  • CliniClowns Foundation
  • OvidiuRo Association
  • Little People Association
  • Bucuria Asociation
  • Telefonul Copilului Association
  • Cuțu Cuțu Association