Humanitarian campaigns

UTI Foundation has made a tradition out of visiting each year, around Christmas and Easter, people to whom fate hasn’t been too generous and bringing them lots of gifts (clothes, shoes, food, toys, and books), trying to bring a ray of light and happiness in their lives.

Among those who benefit from the support of the Foundation are:

  • The children from the School of Gorbanesti, Botosani
  • The elder from the Palliative Care Center „Sfantul Nectarie” in Bucharest and Pasarea Monastery in Ilfov County
  • The elder from Ulmeni Care Center
  • The orphanage of Valea Screzii
  • The children form Burlesti School in Botosani

In 2015, UTI Foundation offered support to 15 children from Iasi, aged 3 to 14, belonging to families in distress. UTI Foundation offers them food, clothes, books  in order to help them with the daily necessities and to enable them to continue their education.

Support for the persons in distress

Human suffering does not leave us indifferent and whenever we have the chance we make donations for people with serious health problems in order to get proper treatment. Dozens of people, mostly children, diagnosed with grave illnesses or injured in accidents were supported by UTI Foundation.

Support for the people affected by natural disaster

Every year, floods and heavy snow are causing serious damage in Romania, leaving entire communities without homes and resources. The suffering and despair of the people affected by these disasters do not leave us indifferent and we get involved each time, donating food, money or helping them to repair their homes.

  • In 2005, when floods hit dozens of villages in the West and East of the country, UTI offered its support to those affected.
  • In 2008 and 2010, when flood made new victims in the North of Moldavia, we helped again
  • In the winter of 2012, heavy snow isolated several villages in the southeast of the country. UTI team mobilized to help clear the roads covered by snow that isolated several villages in Calarasi and Buzau and provided food and water for the residents.
  • In 2015, UTI has joined the humanitarian initiative launched by the Red Cross Romania and made a donation for the people in Nepal, affected by the powerful Earthquake that caused thousands of victims and almost destroyed Kathmandu.

CliniClowns Partnership

Together with CliniClowns Foundation, UTI Foundation organized and coordinated a series of campaigns for the children suffering from different illnesses, hospitalized in Romanian medical facilities.

  • Renovation and refurbishment of chidren’s  park at Marie Curie Hospital and Neuropshychometric Medical Center for Children in Bucharest
  • Refurbishment of children’ playground at ”Dr. Victor Gomoiu″ Hospital in București
  • Donations and charity campaigns for the people hospitalized in different clinics in Romania, together with CliniClowns Foundation.

Sustaining cultural manifestation

I Love Bucharest

I Love Bucharest is a campaign conducted in 2008, in partnership with Metrorex and Asociatia din Pod that aimed to embellish and rejuvenate some urban public spaces. Through this action one of the most important subway station in Bucharest, North Railway station, has been transformed into a street art gallery by a bunch of young artists, who painted the walls of the subway platform. Today, the paintings still embellish the walls, enchanting the eyes of the travelers and transporting them into a journey full of color in the city’s past.

Support for restoration of churches

UTI Foundation offers its help in the refurbishment and restoration programs of churches and monasteries, such as The Church of the Annunciation Dobroteasa,  Saint Sylvester Church in Bucharest and Assumption Monastery in Cernica.

At the same time, the Foundation made donation and charity works for some of the parishioners of these churches, with precarious means of existence.