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Business Lines

Battle Management Systems

For the tactical level, UTI provides command, control,  and communications from the headquarters down to the soldier in the battlefield, as well as a reliable and robust tool that is easy to use by the armed forces.

The Battle Management System offers a comprehensive situational awareness through an accurate, updated overview.

  • Map management – multiple map formats with support for most important map standards
  • Tactical layers and navigation through application capabilities with the possibility to navigate through overlays
  • Symbology – the military symbols set for the tactical graphics can be displayed to the operator or he can draw them
  • GPS integration
  • Sharing information – in order to increase the speed of command, the information is spread through implemented interoperability standards: MIP Block 2, adaptation for low bandwidth radio networks, NATO ADatP-3/STANAG 5500 military messaging, NFFI (STANAG 5527) for blue force tracking needs in a coalition environment.