Academic partnerships

Research and innovation in the field of technology is part of our organization business strategy. The long-term partnership with the technical universities in Romania and support of the research programs in this field represent an important goal in developing our business competencies.

Through partnerships with such universities as the Polytechnics University of Bucharest, the Technical University of Civil Engineering or Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers in Bucharest, we have contributed to increasing excellence in higher education and to the development of scientific research by:

  • Scholarships awarded to students with outstanding results
  • Organization of internship and collaboration programs between the academic and business environment to carry out research and development projects
  • Endowment with high-performance technical equipment of laboratories and universities’ research facilities.

UTI founded a computer security laboratory within the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. Our company donated technical equipment and information security software products. We also underwent research studies in information security, involving college and PhD students of the universities enrolled in the program.

UTI Student

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company, we’ve launched UTI Student, a program dedicated to exceptional students, passionate about technology, with excellent study scores and overflowing with innovative ideas. The students allowed in this program will be granted a scholarship  for the entire duration of the studies, as long as they  maintain an average grade of 8,50 and above.

The Students enrolled in the program come from highly  appreciated faculties: The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, The Faculty of Transports, The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, The Technical University of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Power Engineering.

UTI Student program addresses students enrolled in the II-V years and Master and aims to support them in acquiring the best theoretical training and preparing for their future career. After graduation, the students can join UTI team as employees.

Heritage for the Future

Along with the Association Heritage for the Future (former Friends of the Minovici Museums),  we are actively involved in the restoration and reintegration into the cultural circuit of the two Minovici museums in Bucharest, exhibiting folk and medieval art.

In order to achieve this objective, we have been involved in supporting and organizing fundraising events that promoted authentic cultural and folk tradition. In 2015, the Minovici House, belonging to doctor Nicolae Minovici, founder of the first emergency rescue service in Romania and one of the pioneers of social assistance services, built in the early 20th century by architect Cristofi Cherchez, reentered  the cultural circuit. Currently, it hosts the Museum of Folk Art of Bucharest.