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Airport solutions

UTI has the financial strength, technical competencies, and skilled staff to ensure the entire process of execution and operation of complex projects in the airfield area, from passenger terminals, airport lighting, and parking management solutions, to integrated computerized building and security management solutions. We provide our clients with personalized solutions and services, in order to maintain airports operational safety and efficiency, while increasing passengers’ comfort and satisfaction.

We deliver the entire range of operations, from installation design to commissioning, installation, maintenance and operation.


  • Airport terminals systems and installations:
    • Electrical
    • Mechanical
    • Sanitary
  • Security equipment:
    • X-ray scanners
    • Anti-terrorist detection
    • Video surveillance
    • Perimeter detection
    • Fire safety and protection
    • Access control and screening
  • Runway lighting installations:
    • Elevated and inset lights
    • Single lamp control systems
    • Power supply and obstruction lighting
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Airport checkpoint solutions
  • Communications and information technology systems and solutions
  • Personalized resource management solutions
  • Parking management systems