Electrical Installations

We have a broad knowledge and a vast experience in the electrical engineering field, ranging from design, commissioning, installation, testing and maintenance. We also have the capacity to manufacture power gears that are used in a wide array of automation processes and power distribution systems.

Electrical panels

UTI is a certified ANRE (Romanian Regulatory Authority for Energy) panel builder. We use components from various reputed manufacturers such as Eaton Electric, Schneider Electric, ABB, Legrand, Siemens to deliver high-efficiency power gears that are used in low voltage installations and power distribution for commercial, residential and industrial applications, ensuring a high level of operation efficiency and safety.

Our in-house team of certified specialists is able to design and deliver panels for any type of installation project, with a high degree of professionalism, in compliance with the national laws and appropriate to the clients ‘needs.

Automation and control panels

  • Panels for sockets and lighting
  • Panels for electrical drives
  • Electrical panels for SCADA and BMS processes
  • Electrical panels for CTA
  • Compensation batteries for power factor corrections
  • Tele-management and metering systems

Low voltage distribution panels equipped with withdrawable slide boxes and compartments

  • Main power distribution panels up to 5000A with fixed, removable or withdrawable  technology according to operation needs
  • Easy-mounting, stable and easy to disassemble
  • IEC 60439-1 and IEC 61439-2 requirement compliant
  • High level of protection for users and equipment


  • Consulting services for commercial and residential power supply, distribution and control solutions
  • Consulting services to optimize industrial processes (SCADA, electric drives and automation motors)


  • Customized panels according to the business/processes needs
  • 12-month warranty quality assurance for the delivered equipment
  • Technical assistance at installation and operation
  • Compliance with the national regulations in the energy field
  • Increased operation and life safety
  • Unit maintenance without stopping the system
  • Ease of replacement and extension
  • Ease of backup units
  • Special solutions for special applications


  • Certificate issued by Romanian Authority for the Energy Regulation (ANRE)
  • Certificate issued by the Romanian Railway Authority (AFER)
  • Licensed partner of Schneider Electric
  • Licensed partner for Eaton Electric
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