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Video Analytics Systems

This technology is a computer analysis of the video data in order to get systematic information about the observed object without human intervention. Thus, it can analyze the data, extracting information for various purposes, from real-time notification of perimeter violations, facial recognition for access control, traffic density measurement, triggering alarms for illegally parked vehicles, abandoned/suspicious luggage detection or stolen objects from the frame.

  • Accurate detection, through UTI’s proprietary software application, of any suspect activity, object or person
  • Application remote control
  • Event search or playback
  • Quick intuitive view of occurred events: descriptive information and recordings from the moment the event took place
  • Easy access to film event
  • Interactive E-map module

The video analysis technology reduces the human errors of the security personnel and it assures automatic detection of the objects in a sterile area by using analytical algorithms. It can be installed on one or more channels/workstations.