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The Electronic Health Record solution developed by UTI improves the quality of the health services, as the doctors can access the patient’s medical history, at any time, in order to prescribe the best treatment. All the documents and medical registrations are personalized, stored and integrated, even if the data is gathered from different healthcare providers.

UTI’s e-Health solution manages medical document sharing amongst the healthcare enterprise: public health, family physicians, general practitioners, private consultants and clinics and research labs.


  • Collects, manages and organizes medical data received from medical service providers
  • Allows online safe and secure access to medical information from any location
  • Provides private and secured access for the physician and the patient to medical data in the health record
  • Facilitates tracking the health progress and ensures the continuity of the medical process
  • Ensures the transparency of the medical process
  • Significantly reduces the access time to medical records required in emergency cases
  • Increases the efficiency of the healthcare services received by the patient


  • Standardized collection of medical records among various healthcare providers (HL7 standard)
  • Online administration of medical records
  • Quick and easy accessibility
  • Private and secure access to medical records
  • Tracking the health evolution
  • Patient’s management