UTI celebrates 25 years of contribution to the development of smart cities

The 25 years of UTI mark a period of continuous development, in which the company has expanded its areas of expertise and diversified its skills. We started with physical security and IT solutions and continued to develop solutions that complement these fields. Over the past few years, we have focused on a portfolio of solutions dedicated to improving the communities’ life and to developing smart cities. UTI’s history is about the evolution of technology that brings added value to the community and contributes to a safer and better world.

UTI’s first 25 years can be seen as a succession of milestones that have changed the lives of communities, from the implementation of the first public security system in Romania, to the first adaptive traffic management system, the first automatic fare collection system, the first emergency management center, urban regeneration projects or solutions for a cleaner environment. UTI’s solutions responded to the communities needs and transformed the city in which we live.

“Looking back to what we’ve achieved so far, this year celebration gives us the opportunity to reflect on the future. The world is constantly changing and in order to be competitive, we must evolve and reach out through our solutions to as many people as possible. UTI will continue to expand its solutions under the umbrella of SmartCity, which will allow cities to generate value for their inhabitants and achieve sustainable economic growth.”, states Lucia Urdareanu, Corporate Communications Director.

Expansion into international markets

Throughout its subsidiaries in Poland and Moldova, UTI develops projects that contribute to the transformation of cities in Central and Eastern Europe into smart cities, adapted to nowadays standards of living. Recently, UTI has opened a branch in Bulgaria, which is developing four major projects. For UTI, the Bulgarian market has a high potential of development and we have identified here a critical need for solutions that meet life increasingly high-quality standards.

25 years of social engagement

Within the community, UTI is not only about performant systems but also about compassion and support for its members. This year, the company has launched  UTI Student, a program that offers financial support to ten students, showing a real passion in the field they had chosen to study and proving very good results and innovative ideas.

For the next 25 years, the company has ambitious plans: “We will develop large projects and we will respond to the market challenges with the same eagerness. UTI culture to provide performant solutions tailored to each of its clients is unique and, at the same time, a constant in the company’s evolution and a fundamental principle for the next 25 years”, continued Lucia Urdareanu.

For more details about UTI’s 25-year anniversary, please visit the company’s Facebook page.