UTI has completed the modernization and security works at Bucharest Băneasa Airport – Aurel Vlaicu

On November 11, 2021, the Bucharest Airports National Company announced the completion of the modernization works of the Bucharest Baneasa – Aurel Vlaicu Airport, a project whose value was 66,629,040 lei without VAT.

The association Bog’Art and UTI Grup, together with the subcontractor UTI Facility Management (currently UTI Construction and Facility Management) started the rehabilitation and modernization works of A, B and Rotonda buildings in February 2020.



For the rehabilitation of A, B and Rotonda buildings, UTI Construction and Facility Management specialists performed the following works:

  • Thermal power plant (set of 16 automated boilers, cascading) and a new thermal point
  • Ventilation and air conditioning system
  • Drinking water and fire management systems
  • Medium voltage and low voltage power supply installations
  • Electrical power distribution and lighting installations
  • Natural gas supply installation
  • Plumbing
  • External networks for drinking water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity and hydrants
  • Dismantling and restoration of road structures and asphalt paving works

Also, our company designed and installed low current systems:

  • Video surveillance (CCTV) (over 140 indoor and outdoor cameras, fixed and mobile, integrated in two security dispatches)
  • Fire detection and alarm (fire control panels, repeater panel, fire detectors, manual alarm triggers, indoor and outdoor sirens)
  • Access control (KGuard access control and intrusion detection control panels, extension modules for access control panels, proximity readers, exit buttons, emergency buttons, electromagnets, door closing dampers)
  • Voice alarm and public addressing
  • Clocking (synchronized clocks, which display the exact time provided by a GPS antenna)
  • Passenger Information (FIDS)
  • Voice-data installation
  • Commercial Television (CATV)
  • eGates system



UTI Construction and Facility Management has been active on the construction and installations market since 1994 as one of the most important providers of specialized solutions for civil or critical infrastructure objectives.

The company is also one of the main providers of complex solutions for airports in Romania, installing and integrating specific airport systems that increase the operational efficiency of airports.

The company has partnerships with renowned technology providers, whose equipment it integrates into the delivered solutions. Thus, since 2020, UTI Construction and Facility Management is an authorized partner in Romania of the British company Smiths Detection (for the implementation and provision of maintenance services for products and solutions for detection and identification of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats ), as well as of CEIA, one of the best known manufacturers of electromagnetic inspection systems.